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Facility Management
Whatever is applicable since long for construction planning and drawing up, is as well of high importance for the building management during the period of use.

Graphical and alpha-numeric information are forming the grounds for creation of a complex building, which can as well be managed and operated. This is today done by modern EDP-tools.

As complex service principle, facility management is, besides the exclusive activity of management and operation, also comprising organisation of use, and is attempting to integrate the influences out of these complex demands already at planning stage.

Facility management is a quite complex topic. For this reason, we have founded a cooperation of experts, in order to handle this field comprehensively and professionally.

Besides others, our service scope comprises:
Draw-up of actual-/target analysis, product requirement specifications, and expert opinions
Draw-up of defining concepts
Technical survey of acquisition of actual data
Add-on programs for CAD acquisition/processing/evaluation
Acquisition of actual data of buildings and machines
Layout planning
Expert opinion on documentation of actual data
Evaluations (area computation as per DIN 277, cost centers, area allocations, etc.)
Cooperation with facility management system suppliers
Embedding into networks
Interface programming, database programming
Hotline, training, service
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