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Acquisition of Existing Data
Perfect acquisition of existing data with survey and digitization is ensuring documentation of actually existing, local data and is forming the grounds for building management. Furthermore, facility management specific data are as well entered.

With productive acquisition of existing data in clear structures, we are opening up new cost saving potentials for you, thus creating the prerequisites for productive facility management.

To us, acquisition of existing data means:

exact, powerful object data, entered as per DIN 277 using these data for rebuilding measures

logical and technically dimen-
sional evaluation high integrity due to consequent color

structures and area allocation, fulfilling DIN-Standards
Due to cost pressure and restructure of companies, as well as due to the resulting necessity, to consider departments or sectors as independantly operating units, there will automatically arise the requirement for correct, identified, assigned, transparent areas, with corresponding information.

We are supplying the digital and exploitable building.

Set-up of such digital, thus exploitable buildings, is done using a combination of Plans of existing grounds and dimensions at site. For more detailed data requirements with regard to survey acquisition of existing data a surveying company is hired. We are cooperating with well-known surveyors, having the technical possibilities and expert knowledge of surveying existing data.

Our experience in acquisition of existing data results out of acquisition of building grounds of more than 800,000 m2, including corresponding organization, structuring, and management.

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