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"Personal Network" –
our virtual partnership cooperation for
Individual software
Network technology
Large-scale projects of architectural services or acquisition of existing data
Fit 400 CAD - Network
Safety due to partnership cooperation

Due to partnership cooperation we are guaranteeing a high degree of knowledge of facts and project safety for our customers.

Due to concentration on specialized knowledge, each partner is contributing innovation, flexibility, and orientation as per requirement.

Solving a specific requirement profile is realized by the individual partners, in consequent cooperation, as per useful, feasible, and cost fulfilling criteria.

Each partner is looking for optimal tools and services for his scope of responsibility, and is translating same into action.

Due to split responsibilities and expert knowledges, there is higher financial safety for customers, and more effective use of know-how.

Due to meaningful company sizes of the individual partners, there are no fixed structures, adapting more quickly and flexibly to market requirements, to new software and innovation.

Coordination of specific components of all members of „Personal Network“, having only one contact person.

CADCONCEPT – Your partner for all ranges.

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